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Serve Yehovah with all your body, mind & soul.

Fear the one, true, eternal, creator Yehovah; not atheist, polytheist or monotheist false gods; nor provoking evil.

Represent Yehovah honestly with words and actions; not idols, false images or vanity.

Praise Yehovah’s name, and let your yes be yes; not defame or forget; nor swear falsely.

7th day rest to remember Yehovah; not labour, commerce, travel or false teaching.

Invest heavily in Godly parents; not rejection; nor disrespect.


Serve others as yourself.

Give life to live life; not hate, bully, injure or destroy another’s life.

Sexual purity, or lifelong loyalty to one adult human of opposite gender;

 not dancing, verbal, visual, manual, oral or genital affection unless loyal for life;

 nor transgender, porno, animal, homo, incest, surrogate, rape or divorce/promiscuity.

Work to learn and earn; not steal, cheat, bribe, usury, slavery, fealty or lazy.

Seek and speak truth with love; not lie, conceal, confuse, coerce, cowardly or crude; nor sarcasm, slander or exaggeration.

Persevere generously; not impatient envy, greed, gluttony or seduction.


Confess and fix your failures. Punishment is for YEHOVAH alone to deliver.

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